Hugh Pocock

I am weighing all of my food and drink and all of my urine and shit. The difference between the two weights is approximately what has been transformed into Energy. This energy is what moves my body,mind and many interactions. During this period of time I am finding that I am able to more closely observe the passage of energy as Indicating fake doctors note thank you is a straightforward action of expressing your gratitude towards a person. It takes little effort to make someone's day by saying these magic words. Medical professionals are fake doctors note an essential part of the culture. Coming up with a thank you very much take note is known as a amazing motion to understand their expertise. It appears to be, in the present fake doctors note extremely fast-paced lifespan, we certainly have neglected to appreciate fake doctors note people today to the projects they decide to try to make our reality better. Though an individual pays for the support gained using a health specialist, quality-keeping deeds of general practitioners cannot be assessed regarding bucks. Gratitude for them are usually suggested by means of modest works like thanking them. A fake doctors note very little appreciate it take note gained with a calm would make a doctor really feel awesome. Health professionals, as with any other top notch, strive to operate their assignments. Indeed, their effort is a life-saver, and thus, priceless for the people in contemporary society. It is far from day to day that fake doctors note any of us jot down a thanks a lot note on to a general practitioner. When we do, it gives him/her a feeling of satisfaction. Small to medium sized actions of appreciation fake doctors note love this particular extend bliss in this world about us. it moves from the food that I eat, through my body and then, out into the world.

63 Days, total weights-
Food and Drink: 511 lb 8 oz
Shit and Urine: 255 lb 4 oz
Energy: 253 lb 5 oz

My Food My Poop May 22nd- Aug 16th Contemporary Museum

Below is a recording of this project.